Day 3: Next Level of Ultrasonic Technology

Next Level of Ultrasonic Technology

Intelligent, Functionally Safe and Autonomous

What Was It All About?

Ultrasonic sensors have rapidly gained popularity in recent years—what was once a niche product has now become a key technology that can be found almost everywhere in the automation sector.

As the market leader in this sector, Pepperl+Fuchs dedicated a whole day of events at its second Online Summit to providing insight into the latest trends and future developments. The theme of the day was “Next Level of Ultrasonic Technology,” with keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions exploring a variety of topics in further detail.

The event addressed the following questions:

  • What advantages can state-of-the-art ultrasonic sensors offer currently

  • How can safety applications be resolved using ultrasonic sensors

  • What exactly is a wireless M+O ultrasonic sensor

Your Speakers

Dr. Joachim Schullerer

Head of Innovation Unit Ultrasonic Sensors | Pepperl+Fuchs SE

Till Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik

Product Manager Ultrasonic Sensors | Pepperl+Fuchs SE

Video Stream

Watch the recorded session below in full length and deep dive in to the next level of ultrasonic technology!

More Information

Learn more about our products and solutions and download free PDF documents with additional information.

Further Videos


This comprehensive overview gives you an introduction to the various families of ultrasonic sensors from our portfolio. It explains different housing styles and specific advantages of each sensor family. Tables with technical data and an easy-to-grasp symbology ensure that you quickly find the product that perfectly suits your application.

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In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • IO-Link product portfolio
  • Long-term cost reductions with IO-Link
  • Consistent communication down to the sensor level
  • Tools and operating interfaces for parameterization and diagnosis

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This flyer gives you an overview of the WILSEN.sonic.level wireless ultrasonic sensor with LoRaWAN® interface. The sensor is used for intelligent fill level management in the smart city, smart logistics, smart farming, and smart environment sectors.

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Since its relase, our technology guide on utrasonic sensors has been in high demand and was already downloaded thousands of times. Addressing many different topics, it is beneficial for both beginners and experts. As a special bonus, it contains animations that are directly embedded in the document. Download your free copy now and get valuable insights and advice for your field work.

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A multilayer feed of materials such as paper, cardboard, metal, film, or labels can lead to downtime, process faults, and material waste. Ultrasonic sensors for double material detection prevent a faulty material feed while ensuring reliable processes and high availability. Download our latest document, explaining operating principles, influencing factors and sensors selection criteria in detail.

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In our downloadable compendium on functional safety, we clarify the concepts and definitions that are necessary to reduce risks to a tolerable level. The compendium explains the specific standards and definitions of hazards and methods of risk analysis.Learn how you can successfully implement safety equipment and follow us through a hands-on case study using a simplified example for an overfill prevention system. The compendium is rounded out by a glossary and list of abbreviations that helps you to quickly reference safety terminology whenever you need it.

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